John Hicks Obituary and Funeral Information

John Hicks Obituary

On Wednesday, October 26, 2022, John Hicks passed away as he was resting comfortably in his sleep. He had been sick for some time. The 26th of October was the day that he passed away. John Hicks made his entrance into the world on October 10, 1949, in the city of Glen Ellen, in the state of California. His parents, John and Vivian Hicks, were both teachers, and he had two elder brothers and sisters.

Even though he did spend some of his life in Bakersfield, California, he regarded the time he spent in Sonoma County as being among the most memorable experiences of his entire life. He spent the majority of his life in Sonoma County. John, a young lad with blond hair, had a well-deserved reputation for getting into mischief at every opportunity he got. His formative years were spent in the rural community of Glen Ellen, California, and it was there that he developed a lifelong fascination with motor vehicles while assisting his father, who was active in the racing industry.

His father was a race car driver. His formative years were spent in Glen Ellen, California. His father competed in a variety of motorsports. His early years were spent at Glen Ellen, California, which is located in the United States. John joined the Army Reserves right away when he had his high school diploma, and he remained a part of the group for a total of four years during his time there. He was married in 1969, and the couple went on to have three children together after they were officially joined in marriage.

His three children have all acquired his lifelong passion for vehicles, which is something he made sure to instill in all of them when they were little. He was very intentional about passing on his enthusiasm for automobiles to his children. If you were looking for John, you would most likely find him tinkering with the newest set of wheels that he had purchased. This would be the case if you went looking for him. If you were looking for John, you would probably find him if you looked hard enough.

It brought him a great deal of personal fulfillment to be able to work as a General Contractor, and he regarded it as an honor to be able to deliver you his business card bearing the fiery red symbol that stated “John Hicks Enterprises.” In addition to being an avid collector of classic cars, John was a devoted family man, a passionate Harley rider, a country western dancer, and a veteran who took great pride in his service to his nation. All of these things were important to John. John was also quite enthusiastic about the hobby of collecting classic cars. Although he was not a communicative guy, his family knew they could always count on him to be there for them in times of need since he was someone they could always trust on.

He was always cheerful, polite, and someone who others could rely on to make them feel as like they belonged in the space. The spirit of John has departed the body that he once occupied on our planet and is now traveling through space and time with the angels. The body that John inhabited on our world is no longer in existence.

He is survived by his son Dan Hicks, wife Tina, and their three children Tyler, Maddy, and Olivia; daughter Gina Unciano, husband Rolando, and their three children Devin, Ethan, and Emily; son Ryan Hicks, wife Cheri, and their two children Ashton and Chloe; and his brother Jim Hicks, wife Helen. He is also survived by his son Ryan Hicks, wife Cheri, and their three children Devin, Ethan, and Emily In addition to his son Ryan Hicks, he is survived by his wife Cheri and their three children collectively known as Devin, Ethan, and Emily.

He is survived by his wife Cheri and their three children who are collectively known as Devin, Ethan, and Emily. His son Ryan Hicks is also among those who carry on his legacy. Patty Swift, his sister, as well as John and Vivian Hicks, his parents, had all passed away before his debut on the scene in their individual lifetimes. On Sunday, November 11, a memorial ceremony will be conducted at Lafferty & Smith in Santa Rosa, California, which is located at 4321 Sonoma Hwy. in the city. The service will begin at 10 a.m. and continue until 12:30 p.m. An immediate gathering of family and friends will take place for a Celebration of Life just after the service has concluded.

  • November 2, 2022