Kyle D’Jireh Mote Obituary, 21-year-old Found Dead from Gunshot in South Orlando

Kyle D’Jireh Mote, age 21, was discovered dead in South Orlando with a gunshot wound to his torso. This obituary is for Kyle D’Jireh Mote. His body was discovered in that area of the neighborhood.

A man in his 21st year was the victim of a shooting that took place on Tuesday in the south of Orlando. Law enforcement officials have since been able to identify the victim of the shooting. The occurrence took place in the region that is home to south Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

On November 1, about 2:30 p.m., deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the 2100 block of Americana Boulevard, where they discovered the body of deceased Kyle D’Jireh Mote. Mote had passed away earlier that day.

Mote was sent to a nearby hospital, but despite receiving treatment for his injuries, it was determined that he had passed away shortly after arriving at the facility.

The Orlando Police Department has opened an investigation into a gunshot that took place on Tuesday afternoon in the southern area of the city. The shooting resulted in the death of a person.

Anyone who feels they may have information on this occurrence is urged to contact the Central Florida Crimeline at the following number, as stated in the request that was made by the sheriff’s office: 800-423-8477.

The event took place just a few months after another individual was killed in the same neighborhood in a shooting incident that was strikingly identical to this one. Both shootings took place in the same block. Approximately around the same time as this other incident, a shooting took place. On Americana Boulevard, the Caden at Lakeside Apartments were the location where the body of Wingly St. Vil was discovered at the beginning of this summer. The apartments are located in Lakeside. The city of Lakeside in California is the location of these apartments.

  • November 3, 2022