Leylani Ordonez Obituary, 1-year-old Girl in Texas Amber Alert Reportedly Stabbed to Death by Father

The information that was presented in an Amber Alert indicated that a man named Leylani Ordonez, who was only one years old at the time, was the one who reportedly stabbed her to death in the state of Texas.

It has been confirmed, according to a post that was made on Facebook by the Rosenberg Police Department on November 2, that the missing 1-year-old girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert in the Houston area has passed away after the suspect in her kidnapping, the girl’s father, allegedly stabbed both the girl and himself. The post was made in response to an Amber Alert that was issued in the Houston area in search of the girl. An Amber Alert was issued for the Houston metropolitan region in response to the girl’s disappearance. Leylani Ordonez is the name that the authorities have given to the victim’s daughter, and her father, Alexander Ordonez Barrios, who is 24 years old, has been named as the suspect. The daughter was identified as Leylani Ordonez according to the information provided.

On November 1 at about 5:50 p.m., the police in Rosenberg received a report that a father had stolen a tow truck from Riverside Towing and Auto Collision, the location where he had previously worked. The tow vehicle had been taken from the business on the previous day, November 1. Allegedly after stabbing the proprietor of the company many times, the suspect ran away from the site of the crime, according to the allegations. After placing a call to 911, the proprietor of the company was taken to the nearest hospital shortly after making the initial contact. It is the consensus of the authorities that he will come through on the other side of this challenge unscathed.

Alexander is accused of driving the stolen tow truck to an apartment complex and then forcing his way into an apartment where his kid was living with a babysitter at the time. His daughter had just turned one year old at the time. This information has been provided to us by the authorities. After that, he dragged Leylani behind him as he left the apartment in which they were staying. In response to this, the police issued an Amber Alert for the youngster, which included information on the individual guilty for the child’s disappearance and was intended to help find the child.

After spotting the tow truck, the Sugar Land Police Department began to follow Alexander, who led the authorities on a high-speed chase across Fort Bend County that lasted for more than 45 minutes. The chase continued for more than 45 minutes. The event started in Sugar Land and continued all the way to Fort Bend. After placing spike strips in that area, the police were able to bring an end to the pursuit that was taking place at Benton Road and the 4700 block of FM 762. As a direct consequence of this, the pursuit was called off.

The police claimed that it was clear that Alexander had caused substantial injuries to both himself and Leylani when the two of them got out of the vehicle together. The police stated that it was obvious that Alexander had done this. Alexander sustained significant wounds to himself as well during the battle. The responding officers did everything they could to help both the child and the person they suspected of being responsible for the crime. Both of them benefited from the efforts that were put forth. After receiving many stab wounds, Leylani was sent to a nearby hospital; however, she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the facility. Alexander was also taken to the hospital, and while there, medical staff determined that he had taken his own life as a result of the injuries he had inflicted against himself. He was pronounced dead on arrival. Alexander was transported to the hospital not only because of his own injuries, but also because of the damage that he had caused to himself.

In a message that he posted on Facebook, Rosenberg, Texas Chief of Police Jonathan White said, “It is astonishing how many lives can be devastated by the actions of one individual.” [Citation needed] “We are in a state of tremendous grief as a result of the terrible events that took occurred, and we want the family of Leylani Ordonez to know that we are thinking of them during this challenging time. In addition, we want to express our best wishes for a speedy recovery to anyone who was hurt while working at Riverside Towing.” I would like to take this opportunity to thank the FBCSO, the SLPD, and the DPS for the support they provided during this awful event and to show my gratitude to them all. I would like to take advantage of this chance to thank the FBCSO, the SLPD, and the DPS. I am saddened by the specifics of this event, and I ask that you pray not only for the family that was affected by it, but also for the first responders who were present when it occurred. Thank you. We ask that you pray for them at this time.

  • November 3, 2022